Filter Coffee and Melbourne

Filter-brewed coffee is certainly gaining popularity in Australia. Many more customers are ordering filter coffee, or if they’re not game to try something new, they’re certainly asking lots of questions. Despite watching Americans on television drinking bowls of filtered coffee, Australians have never really been inclined to follow suit, instead, choosing to drink mugs of steaming hot cappuccinos topped with mountains of firm froth in our local cafes, or settling instead, for instant coffee.

A few years ago, at the Wicked Sunday Coffee Festival in the Docklands, St Ali had a tiny 3x3m stall in an inconspicuous corner spot. While every single stall holder was handing out free lattes, St Ali were working their clover hard and serving beautiful, bright filtered coffee. Customers who had lined up were upset that there was no milk and they couldn’t get a latte there. It seems a long time ago, but I believe that was the start of the black coffee movement in Melbourne.

In the past 7 years, we have been exposed to quality coffee beans. No longer feeling the need to roast dark to hide defects, lighter roast profiles have developed. With these lighter-roasted quality beans, grew a longing to taste everything the bean had to offer. Filter coffee provides this avenue to taste an incredible range of flavours. It allows us to embrace all that coffee is without feeling the necessity to hide its intensity and bitterness in milk.

Working in a venue which offers a wide range of coffee beans and roasters, it’s always a thrill when someone says, ‘I’ve already tried this beans for filter coffee and I really enjoyed it. Do you have something different for me to try this week?’ Melbournians are experimenting, opening their palates to new experiences and educating themselves in the world of coffee and just how much this tiny bean has to offer.

It won’t be long now, before the first ‘filter only’ bar opens in Melbourne. And I can’t wait.


Name our Hottie winner



We’d like to congratulate Kara-Lee from NSW for submitting the winning entry ‘Perky Jo’. Over last weekend, customers and staff voted for their favourite name and it was a really close race between two submissions: Double Shot Dolores and Perky Jo, with the latter only winning by 4 votes.

We’ve sent out four bags of coffee to Kara as her prize and she should be receiving them any day now. Kara chose the coffees she wanted: Chompy by St Ali, Honeysuckle by Proud Mary, house blend by Gridlock Coffee and a bag of our very own Coffee 1961.

We hope you love your coffee Kara!
With much love from
the Team at CoffeeHead xoxoxoxo



To buy some coffee for yourself or a friend, go to our website and browse our range of awesome beans available.

Or visit us at 8 Railway Parade,
Camberwell VIC 3124
Next to Camberwell Train Station.

What a Kick!

So I’m sure many people have an idea of what we do at CoffeeHead. But do you know quite how we do it? We order small quantities from our roasters each week to ensure that your coffee is always fresh. The coffee stays on the shelves for the time period specified by the individual roasters. This is anywhere from 10 days to 2 weeks for almost all of our coffee.

We also have 6 grinders in house to feature these roasters to ensure coffee is regularly rotated, and all coffees get a chance to shine in your cup. Image

Our roasters on the shelves at the moment.

Atomica – Hookturn blend
Brother Thomas – The Father blend
Glee Coffee Roasters – Akiko Blend
Sensory Lab / St Ali – Chompy
Eureka – Premium Espresso roast
Tom and Shanny Filter Coffee Roasters – Guatemala Beatriz
Proud Mary – Honeysuckle
Proud Mary – Bob-o-link Brazil
Industry Beans – Industry blend
Cafenatics – Nicaragua
Social Roasting Co – Social Blend
Numero Uno – La Verde
K:Bar – Orange Blend
Delano – Decaf, Divino, Alegria
Jasper Coffee – Blend #3
CoffeeHead – Coffee 1961
Genovese – Super Brazil, Fair Trade
Bean Ground Drunk – Organic Espresso blend
Aus Caffe – blend
Gridlock – House blend
D/C – Monsoon
Plantation / St Ali – Dark Horse, Decaf
Four Rascals – Rapscallion
Padre Coffee – Hey Buddy
Wide Open Road – Bathysphere
Green Cauldron – Federal Estate
Campos – Superior Blend
Coffee Supreme – Supreme Blend
Toby’s Estate – Brunswick Blend
Beraldo – Premium Blend

Visit our website to purchase some of this awesome coffee or come in to CoffeeHead! We’re located at 8 Railway Parade, Camberwell VIC 3124. Right next to the city bound side of the train tracks at Camberwell Station.

Glee Coffee Roasters


Glee Coffee is new to coffee head this week and it’s already almost sold out.

Glee Coffee Roasters are based in Newcastle and their Akiko blend is pretty damn awesome.

Detailed roaster profile coming soon. In the meantime, buy a bag, or come into our store and try some.

CoffeeHead’s new ad

So you’ve all seen the launch of our new ad in GRAM Magazine this month. The team at CoffeeHead are all utterly in love with the illustration.

We have Michelle Farran to thank for our CoffeeHead Hottie. A very talented artist, a completely random individual, a beautiful and brilliant person, I encourage you to follow her on twitter @whymicesing

We’ve just started a competition ‘Name our CoffeeHead Hottie’ and this will be running till Thursday 16th August. If you have a name suggestion  for our girl riding her roaster, send it through to before 4pm on 16th August.
The winner wins 4 different 250g bags of coffee of their choice. Free coffee? It’s a no-brainer.
Looking forward to all your name suggestions!

Cheeky Awesomeness that is Four Rascals

ImageFour Rascals by name, Four Rascals by Nature. The cheekiness of these guys is a significant characteristic of their coffee. Maybe it’s the name that makes us fun and naughty after we drink it, maybe it’s the energy that comes from their passion. Whatever it is, this coffee is awesome and gives you a real kick. It’s bold, it tastes great, and it’s so damn consistent. And they have a lever machine, so they’re cool.

Armed with a shed, a roaster and a DIY mentality, four mates came together to create Four Rascals Coffee. They figured they could break the whole coffee roasting thing down to three easy-to-follow steps:

1. Don’t blow up the roaster.

2. Don’t strangle each other.

3. Make awesome coffee.

Easier said than done…especially Step 2. But with a collective 30-years-plus of experience in the industry – breathing, brewing, roasting…and washing dishes – it was well time they put their knowledge to good use. With their hands-on approach, Four Rascals offers products made with care and passion, and just the right amount of cheek.


You really want to get your hands on this coffee. You know you want to. Go on. Do it! Do it!